OpenTripMap API

Worldwide points of interest database for travel and entertainments.

This API allows you to get objects data from OpenTripMap database using HTTP requests. You can easily integrate the API into your application or web site.

OpenTripMap based on cooperative processing of different open data sources (OpenStreetMap, Wikidata, Wikipedia, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation) and encompasses over 10 million tourist attractions and facilities around the world.
Object types are hierarchically structured.

The return data depend on the requested language. If the object does not contain information in the required language, the data is returned in English or in another available language.

Introducing the API

The following place requests are available:

  • Place list - returns a list of places based on a location, type, rate and other parameters
  • Place Details - returns detailed information about a specific place, such as address, description, url, image and others
  • Place Autosuggest - provides a places query by given (partial) search term and location context
  • Geographic coordinates request - returns coordinates for the given placename (city, village, etc.)

Each of the services is accessed as an HTTP request, and returns either an JSON or GeoJSON response.

Policies and Terms

OpenTripMap is available under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)

Unlike other similar services such as Google Places we do not apply a number of restrictions

  • You can display Places API results on any map.
  • You can pre-fetch, index, store, or cache data
  • You can modifying data before show it to the user
  • You can use data in any territories without restrictions